So you decided to make a blog…

So I decided to make a blog. Ive been playing with the idea of blogging since I was around 13 and well, seven years later her I am! So before I dive into the adventure of telling the entire world what’s on my mind, I figure I should start out by telling you a bit about myself! 

I was born on January 31, 1996 in a town that if you aren’t from, you probably haven’t heard of. It’s a town that a “big night out” means you probably went bowling, maybe saw a movie, and then most likely stopped by the walmart to wander around until curfew. However, just because the town is boring doesn’t mean the life is. 

Between friends, family, outdoor events, vacations, and even medical diagnosis’ I have come to the conclusion that in my short 20 years of life, it has been indeed a full one. That is not to say I’m done living though, for I have only just begun and I am excited to report that I cannot wait to see where I end up. 

So stay tuned, stay active, and maybe, just maybe we can be friends along the way! 



2 thoughts on “So you decided to make a blog…

  1. Hey sweetheart it’s Britt and I totally think this is incredibly awesome never would have thought to do anything like this in my entire life but that’s what’s awesome about you you think of everything when life gets you down stop giving you lemons you would create that somehow you would make that happen again I don’t know maybe that’s weird you just seem like you got an answer for everything and you’re on your way somewhere so it’s for the job thing goes I know you if you’re interested in housekeeping hiring at my work love you and don’t worry about it you’ll find one as for now this is awesome and I can’t wait to follow you just one little problem how do I do that do I have to create a profile on this thing

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