What is Happening? 

People suck. 

Yep, that’s about all I have to say today.. okay, that’s not true, everyone who knows me knows I have an opinion about everything. So grab your popcorn, put on some music and here we go. 

Today’s blog is going to be broken up into two parts: current events and things that really just piss me off. Why? Because sometimes you just need to get your opinion out there and what better place to do it than a public forum?

Current Events:

Okay, so I don’t follow the news, or presidential debates or anything like that. But I have noticed an increase in racism and ignorance on my social media feeds (this also includes headlines such as recent shootings and killings). Now again, I don’t follow these stories but they all seem to have two common factors. White and Black. 

Now, we all grew up learning about MLK and his dream for the world to be together and united as one, regardless of color. And to be honest, I thought we were close to achieving that. Until recent events that are seeming to tear us apart even more than the memories of our ancestors sins. 

“White cop kills black man”, “Black man kills white cop”, “White cops murdered during protest” do you see what’s wrong with this? I mean of course other than killings going on and people, innocent or not, dying. I’m talking about the descriptors. The words being used to define these headlines are “black” and “white”. They aren’t ‘cop kills man’ or ‘man kills cop’. Why? Because no one is going to read that. Yeah, it’s still horrible, but no one is going to get up in arms about it. No one is going to scream racism. No one is going to pay attention. However, when you throw in color descriptors it becomes so much more. 

It becomes this thing that we can fight about, something we can focus on besides the fact that one of our presidential runners is a criminal and college tuition is outrageous and that there are millions of children on the streets, all over the world, starving to death. 

It incites racism and brings up feelings of hate that have been silent for years. 

Now I am in no way saying racism doesn’t exist, because it does. I am saying though that I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as people are making it. Not everyone will always get along. There will always be hate on both sides of the spectrum. However, the only way we can even begin to fix this is by not encouraging the use of color in our headlines. To try and remember that violence solves absolutely nothing. And to realize that racism is only acknowledged when something bigger is happening. (Refer to the fact that one of our presidential runners is an actual criminal who does illegal things). 

So please, stop the hate and  the violence, and let’s find the love and peace that we were taught about as children. People are people, no matter what. 

Things That Really Just Piss Me Off:

Bullies. A bully is anyone who physically, emotionally, or sexually assaults someone. All three are extremely horrible and to be honest if you are a bully in any way, shape, or form, you should probably just stop. But today I’m going to focus on emotional Bullies.

An emotional bully is someone who I consider to have extremely low self worth. They take their own insecurities and blast them out onto other people. They can do this by making fun of their weight, financial status, how they speak, their intelligence levels, and/or anything else they can find that the other person may feel insecure about. Their main goal however is to try and make the other person feel lower than they do. 

If you feel like everyone is better than you I can promise they aren’t. That is until you become a Bully, once you start making fun of others it puts you on a level that is extremely hard to come back from. 

Everyone has their issues and everyone feels insecure, but calling someone fat, isn’t going to make you any bulkier and making fun of someone’s financial status will not make you richer. If you really want to make a difference embrace everything. Embrace everything you think is a fault and love everyone for their faults. Because faults make us unique. And uniqueness is an amazing quality. 

Now, aside from Bullies another thing I cannot stand is lying and breaking trust. 

Trust is such an important thing to have. It is what our country, relationships and friendships should be built upon. Although, in a time where it’s ‘cool’ to be self centered it becomes a bit tricky to remember that. 

When someone tells you something that they need kept a secret and you tell it anyway that is breaking their trust. That is telling someone that their wishes mean absolutely nothing to you. It is taking someone who trusted you, and proving to them that no one can be trusted. And it’s heart breaking. 

Lastly, filling out student loans.

I know this last one pertains to absolutely nothing, but I had to do that today and it just is so time consuming and it tests my patience.

 CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE IT TO THE END OF MY RANTINGS! As a prize, you get absolutely nothing but the acceptance that you had nothing better to do than read my opinions on stuff! So thanks for coming and I hope to see you soon! 

Stay safe, spread love, God bless ❤ 


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