31 Things No One Told Me

Okay, the title is probably a lie. Chances are my parents, a teacher, or a random character on TV has told me these things before. However, in case no one has told you, here are 31 random things you should know.

1. No one owes you anything.

2. There is a difference between being someone’s family and sharing genetics.

3. Not everyone is your friend.

4. Not everyone is out to hurt you.

5. Being an adult is weird.

6. Dental insurance is not included in health insurance.

7. You will have more bills than friends.

8. Good friends are rare, but when you find them, keep them.

9. Christmas shopping is expensive.

10. Food is expensive.

11. Cheap bread tastes like cheap bread.

12. Decorating a house is more expensive than the house itself.

13. Never underestimate the power of a good hug.

14. Death is inevitable.

15. Life is short, adopt that animal.

16. Edward did not deserve Bella.

17. They say the number one fight in a marriage is money, this is wrong. It’s over bathroom habits.

18. Laundry sours very quickly.

19. Water is not free.

20. If your fingers and toes are not blue, there is no need to turn on the heat. (Electric is not free)

21. Do not get a pet fish if your attention span is the same length as said fish’s. (This is one of those that my parents told me and I did anyways and now I’ve had a fish for two years)

22. Unless you’re talking to God or someone directly affected, no one’s opinion matters.

23. You have fat, you are not fat.

24. Everything costs money.

25. The little things matter most.

26. Batteries are expensive.

27. It’s okay to say “no”.

28. It’s okay to be selfish from time to time.

29. It’s okay to enjoying being at home.

30. Wash your hair every other day, it makes it softer.

31. Coconut oil fixes everything.


An award about sunshine!? 

So this is new. Today I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award! This is basically an award by bloggers for bloggers representing the values of positivity and inspirationaly uplifiting content! 

I was nominated by Paige of  theanxiousphotog.blog! Paige is an amazing person who captures life through a camera and the struggles of living with anxiety through her blog. I linked her page above if you want to check it out! 

When accepting this nomonation you must answer 11 questions asked by your nominator and in turn nomimate another blogger with your own set of questions. I personally am not in contact with any other bloggers, besides Paige, so if you are a blogger I nominate you, because someone somewhere, looks up to your posts. 

My Responses:

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog a year ago. However, I started journaling as soon as I learned how to write. 

2. What made you start blogging?

I started bloggong because I realized that I have a story to tell that is uniquely my own. Not a single person has had the exact same life experiences as I have. With that, I have also shared some experiences that others have been through and want them to know that life gets better and how I, personally, learned to grow from it. 

3. What is your favorite topic/category to blog about?

Easy, life. 

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song has been, and always will be, Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners. However, The Middle by JimmyEatWorld and Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings tie for a second favorite.

5. What other hobbies do you have?

Everything. I love doing everything at least once. I also really love watching TV though. 

6. Who inspires you most in life?

My biggest inspiration is Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called ‘It’. I read his book when I was 13 and have read it about 100 times since then. It helps me grasp the concept of living life, as morbid as that may sound. If Dave was able to go through all of that torment and turn out to be an amazing man, what’s stopping me? 

7. What is your favorite weekend activity?

Hanging out with my husband and going on adventures. 

8. What is your favorite T.V. show?

100% Gilmore girls. Just call me Lorelei!

9. Where do you want to go at least once in your life?

Everywhere I can. I want to witness as many places, people, and cultures as possible before I die. 

10. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

More like a mid afternoon zombie. 

11. What blog post would you like to share with everyone

Out of the blog posts I have written I have two that are my favorites. My first is “Wait, You’re Deaf” and my second is “Married at 21”. So if you haven’t checked those out yet, you should ❤

So if you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, I nominate YOU. Here’s your questions:

1. Have you always loved to write?

2. What do you think your patronus would be and why?

3. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

4. What is your number one goal in life? 

5. What is your favorite movie?

6. If you had to give up chocolate or hard candy which would say “bye-bye” to?

7. Books or Movies?

8. Who is your favorite author?

9. If you could meet one celebrity who would you meet?

10. Dogs or cats?

11. If you could switch lives with one person who would you pick? 

It’s been awhile…

Im going to be honest. I started to hate blogging. I recieved a very rude tweet a while ago about my blog and it hurt me. This tweet was from a previous best friend and was then retweeted by another previous best friend. They belittled this blog into nothing. 

However, four months later I now realize I was being dramatic and the views of a few bitter people mean nothing to me. So maybe my blog is poorly written. Maybe my ideas and views are old school. Maybe I actually suck at everything. You know what though, I don’t care. I have a story to tell and I am going to tell it. I have experienced things that no one else has ever experienced. 

And I now realize the only difference between me and the people who crushed me is I post my words in a useless blog, while they post theirs in useless tweets. Everything we say is useless or poorly written to some. But to others, it could be just the connection they were looking for. 

So long story short, I’m back and will probably be posting frequently as I have so many new things to share. 

Thank you for supporting my poorly written blog ❤