If you have never experienced a Total Eclipse, I want you to imagine this.. 

You are sitting outside and its 94 degrees. The sun is shinning at such a brightness that you have to wear special glasses, your sunglasses just are not enough. As the clock ticks by you begin to see a shadow slowly swallowing the sun, little by little. 

In the last seconds before complete totality the ground turns into a kaleidoscope of shadows. Little snakes dancing to a tune we can not hear. The bright afternoon sky turns to Twilight and then before you can blink the sun is hidden; showing a slight ring of light that can only be described as transcending.

The temperature drops from a summer afternoon heat to a brisk fall evening. The birds begin to fly and sing songs of nightfall. There is a view of the sunset on all horizons.

Then it all goes still. The excitement and emotions begin to flood you. The angry world becomes a calm and peaceful fairytale. You are frozen with the love the moon and the sun have for one another. 

Then in a matter of minutes it’s over. The sun begins to shine again and the temperature spikes back to normal. The moments of tranquility are gone and you are filled with a sense of magic. Nothing will ever feel this serene again. 

Now come back to reality and know that God’s gift to a world of such chaos and immorality is moments. He gives us these moments of beauty and ardent emotion to bring us back to peace. Moments to thank Him and show love to one another while connecting with the Earth around us. 

Photo Cred: CLN Photography


New Year, Same Me

Every year I make a list of things I’m going to change about myself. I put things like ‘weight loss’, ‘exercise more’, ‘save money’, ‘don’t eat out’, ‘no dark soda'(this is the only one I’ve ever accomplished), and of course ‘be a better person’. But why? Why is it when the clock strikes 12 we have the urge to change our lives and turn into completely different people? On December 31st all we think about are the the things we didn’t accomplish. However, what about the things we did accomplish? 

Sure, I didn’t lose weight, I eat out way too much (taco bell, you’ve got my heart!), I’m ending the year with less money than I started with and being a better person is highly debatable. 

What I did do though is I grew closer to God, made important education decisions that will help me reach my goals, visited Colorado, voted in my first presidential election, found a job I love, got engaged to the love of my life, and filled my life with positivity while expelling the negative people. 

My year wasn’t great, I lost my grandfather and many friends who I thought I’d have forever, but when I look back at the amazing things that have happened to me I can’t help but be greatful. 

So 2017, you’re in God’s hands. I just ask that next year is as productive as this one, all negative space is filled with love and positivity and that as a nation we can come together instead of falling more apart. Amen. 

Happy New Year Everyone! ❤